Any Education Videos/Classes out there?

Hey is there a PRIME serious course of videos out there? Just made the switch from Traktor S8 and would love some classes.

@paul_denondj - Anything we could recommend here?

Hi @lancek - Welcome to the #PrimeTribe, good to have you aboard and I hope you’re enjoying your new kit. As far as I know, there are no actual online courses on the SC5000, however a really great starting point is our deep-dive SCC5000 tutorial video, which runs in-depth into most of the main features and performance capabilities of the player:

Plus, check out the similarly in-depth feature presentation video on the X1800 mixer too:

We’re hoping to start a new quick tips video series on the Prime Series, with weekly content out there on the plethora of ‘Prime’ features available - more news on that coming soon. Best regards, Paul