Analyze TIDAL playlists and pre-listen to track?

Hi Denon Fam :wave:t4: !

I just got the Prime GO and I got some questions:

When I connect to TIDAL I get the message

“No source file available

Beatgrid, cue, loop and waveform data will not be saved. Played state will not be shown. To enable these features, connect a compatible drive.”

What does this mean? If I have created a playlist on TIDAL, cant my Prime go remember the playlist and analyze it to know key, BPM etc.?

Also, why cant you pre-listen on tracks in TIDAL?

Seems like you haven’t connected any storage to your Go yet.

Plug in a USB flash drive etc. so the Prime Go has somewhere to save the data.

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Also seem to work with SD card! Thanks a ton :pray:t4:!

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