An idea for Denon admins

Looking back on former posts and Denon crew, I think that Denon should consider, having just 1 official Denon Dj Profile in here.

Long time since I last saw a answer from Chloe and even Jay dont answers relevant questions after he postet the pictures of the P4 boxes… and people even still asks question too Gee.

So maybe a Profile named Denon DJ Official, that Denon crew can log on to in turns, and reply to answers from, but so we make sure nothing ends up between 2 chairs?

Just an idea…


That’s a terrible idea.

Why do you think it would be a terrible idea? Imo it will make it easier for the Admins to see what have been answered and what needs attention.

And even when a staff-member stops, the other Admins can see if there are question that needs answers

So you’re worried about thread responses to Gee not getting answered? Why should I care about the issues of people who are too lazy to be read-up enough to know he’s gone? Besides, there are plenty of threads InMusic employees have never responded to. I don’t want group-think or deciding on official responses by committee. A degree of individual autonomy and each of them hashing out answers and solutions to people’s problems when they’re generous enough to come on here at all is more likely to produce fruit than being constrained by hierarchy or a gatekeeper. I also like to know who I’m talking to.

Well, I actually dont see it as they are ‘generous’ to come on here. Its their forum, their platform and if we dont follow their rules, they do take action on that. (as they should when its their platform)

And exactly because of that I also think/ feel that it must be easier with a ‘master-profile’ that answer question. They can write their name in the respons so we know which employee gave the answer.

Dont see it as a gatekeeper or anything like that (we already have several members acting like they are) nor a hierachy-thing.

As a exampel @Jay_DenonDJ got some questions after he postet the pictures of the boxes with the P4… I bet he has been quite busy, and maybe some other admin/staff could answer the questions that followed, but wont, because its adressed to Jay… If it was adressed to a ‘master-profile’, one of the other Admins might have given that answer 20 days ago.

I’m sure other InMusic employees feel completely at-liberty to respond to posts like that if they had the time and the motivation. You really think Paul, Vince, or Chloe wouldn’t because it was Jay originally who posted the pics?

What you seem to actually want is official “doctrine” and a designated account to get quick, definitive answers from… and also so you have one simple target for all your inquiries. I already think they’re meddling with users in the form of censoring or blocking excessively as it is, and the rest isn’t even their actual involvement but rather just forum automation and the abuse of flags by users exploiting this automation.

A single account is a huge can of worms just because Jay hasn’t answered some forum post. You have an urgent question, telephone InMusic. A master profile comes with the potential of non-technical people now vetting technical questions, the issue of personal messages, etc. You’re even going to have some employees participating less as a result of others dealing with a post, instead… sort of a tragedy of the commons. It’s using a sledgehammer to fix a minor issue of one or two InMusic employees not being as attentive to your forum posts as you’d like.

I actually do think that they always should have the motivation to answer their customers.

I waited almost 5 months for a answer on a question I sent Chloe, and now I tagged Nekoro instead and I am happy that he would pass it on… But 5 months… It should have been passed on earlier.

Its not just my posts, theres quite alot of posts that dont get a follow-up. So I’m seeing this possibility from a more overall point of view

I see what you meen by it it can be a huge can of worms, but like I said… Its just an idea, and was curious why you think its a terrible idea. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for your answers.


I have been a moderator at the (old) Digital DJ Tips forums for many years, together with Terry_42. Since it was voluntary for both of us, we just made sure we moderated where necesessary and when one of us would be absent, the other would just step into the conversation.

As for ideas, they are never terrible imho. Any idea that triggers a discussion or thought process about possible improvement should be cherished, even if - or maybe even specifically when - after discussing/thinking about it it needs to be disregarded for whatever reason.

My daytime job involves process improvement and I have seen too many instances where people stopped generating ideas or even thinking about possible solutions for things they thought could be done better, just because their ideas got shot down (especially if done without argumentation).

So, @Engell, thank you for sharing your idea. Even if it won’t lead to anything changing, keep ideas coming, please!

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Thanks @DJ_Vintage.

I never stop bringing up ideas :slight_smile:

This is a grown up place. There is such a thing as a good idea and a bad idea, and people need to be able to say so and not placate every suggestion with positivity. I didn’t say he should be barred from ever sharing one again or personally attacked.

Chloe hasn’t been “seen” by the forum software in a month so that’s probably why she’s not replying to anything.

@Reticuli I guess I am used to one of the defining rules we had over at Digital DJ Tips, that is to state things as an opinion, not as a fact.

If you say: “That is a terrible idea”, you are stating fact and -worse- you are elevating yourself to the position where you are the one who can -apparently- make that unbiased and independent call. Which, with all respect due, nobody here is of course.

Better would be: “I think that is a terrible idea” and a bit of reasoning why you think so would help too.

You could write it up as semantics, but I truly believe there is a difference. We can all agree to disagree on any and all subject. That is fine. It is indeed a grown-up place.

But one man’s good idea is another man’s terrible idea and vice versa. There is no objective truth to be had there and a lot of opportunity for a “I am right, you are wrong” kind of discussion.

But hey, I am just a member, not a moderator here :smiley: