After updating to 1.5.1

I updated to 1.5.1 firmware over the weekend but didn’t get around to playing around until tonight. It seems that after updating buttons like vinyl and sync are lit up even though they’re not engaged. When engaged they’re brighter but it wasn’t like this before the update. Before the update any buttons I didn’t have engaged were unlit not dimly lit. Anyone else notice this?

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Yeah they changed the behavior of the sync button lights, I have to say im not a massive fan but you get used to it.

They, Denon DJ, are going to have a rough time with button illumination when function is on, and button when function is off.

Some percentage of DJs will clutch their eyes screaming that it’s too bright, and will try to invoice denon for 6 x pairs of Raybans

And simultaneously some percentage of DJs will rest their foreheads on the display and say that they can’t see the button illumination when DJing on The Sun

Maybe the only solution is for Denon to add two user options in the preferences menu:

Button illumination when off = xx (Min 0, max 20% ?)

Button illumination when on = xx (Min=whatever off level is above plus 30%, max 100%)

But I’m happy with the illumination so I’ll leave it for someone else to type up a request form :slight_smile:


Yes they are dimly lit now…I personally think unlit is better, but that’s personnal taste. Sync dimly lit is ugly, for ‘sync haters’ (like me :stuck_out_tongue: lol) it looks like sync is engaged.

I believe a request for button illumination as already been done:

Maybe some leds can be dimmed, some not, due to hardware/circuitry design, so it’s never been done - don’t believe it would be too hard to program if the circuitry/ hardware project allow it.



Maybe that can be easily corrected on a 1.5.2 update, leds lit and second layer color missing on settings page are about the only faults I’ve seen on a otherwise great firmware. None of those “faults” truly bother me, but sleeker is better

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I like them dimly lit when not active. Makes it easier to see in the dark. Personal preference. No harm in having options for folks who prefer them unlit.



not good for me.

off = light off

that simple.


I have to agree, personally I would like a 'bandit :stuck_out_tongue: ’ mode with only play/cue and loop dimly lit :wink:


The last two posts alone suggests that the whole poo-storm of button illumination needs to have some user control available as to “bit brighter … bit more… up a bit … up a bit more … down a bit… “

I thought it was just me! Yeah, a simple 2 or 3 stage ‘off illumination’ setting would be great to dial in as a user preference. Something like 0%, 30%, 75% for the off state.

I also have that same problem with the dim lit lights when not activated. I’ve just updated to 1.5.2 firmware and it has has made no difference. Maybe it will be addressed in 1.5.3.

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I confirm it didn’t change on 1.5.2 Didn’t played long on 1.5.2 but I believe most changes are stability/bug correction related.

Indeed. See here:


Thanks Reese for the fast reply!