After repair - no sound!

4 weeks ago i send my mixer to my retailer, because i have some issues with the channel-fader. he sends the unit to inMusic (Germany). Faders 1 & 3 were exchanged. Yesterday i get my unity back and AAAAAAAAAARGHS … hit play … nothing happens !!! the mixer does not register sound coming from the players !!!

what’s happening now ??? i’m really very angry …


We’ll the solution is easy, right? Return it. Not sure posting here on the forum will somehow magically fix it. If the intention was to inform other users that the Denon DJ service network is shaite (which we all know by now) then I suggest a different title.

My suggestion would be to just make sure before you return the unit that:

  1. You have everything properly connected (seen posts here that turned out to be user errors people plugging into booth instead of master outs or not checking source select switches)

  2. have all the settings on the mixer returned to correct values.

Number of DJ who earn money with this yet get dumbstruck by xfader ch assign switches (prime 4) is too high…

connected the rca from line out (player) to line (mixer) set the input on top of the mixer to line hit play … nothing happens (no led’s are shown) - (not on channel & not on master) so it’s not my connection through the units …

settings on the mixer are all the same before i send it to my retailer … i also tried the factory reset !

so … very bad service from inMusic ! :frowning:

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Probably got mishandled in shipping back from germany, they should have made a last check before handling it back to you (unless it was shipped directly from germany to your door?).

i think they don’t checked it again ! this was the way:

me (germany) > retrailer (germany) > inMusic(germany) inMusic (germany) > retailer (germany) > me (germany)

made a little vid:

the mixer does not register a sound …

Have you tried using the digital outs/ins? I believe, though someone might correct me, you can just use the RCA cable for that.

Yes but tbh no point in doing that because he will not continue using the mixer like that if it’s got broken line inputs.

Other that to verify that the SC6000 he’s using is ok.

Smith, you don’t get any input into the mixer if you use ch 2, 3 and 4? You did not explicitly say you tested all line inputs. After you test all line inputs, then all digital inputs please test the SC6000 player on some other mixer or amp that has a line input and after that there is nothing more to so than contact your retailer and exchange a few polite words.

Check If the input on top is set to line or phono. If They are set to wrong you wont Get a single light.

Edit i see the mixer is blinking. Try update the firmware

It’s clearly set to LINE in the video.

That’s the framerate difference between mixer and camera.

@mrsmithdeejay please contact support (again), as this isn’t something we as fellow forum members can help you with and I don’t think support is monitoring this forum actively.

I didnt see the video before I wrote edit.

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