Advice on mixing equipment & Support on TWITCH

Hello, I am a DJ in my free time from Luxembourg. I often mixed in private parties, then I stopped and since 2-3 months I want to start again on TWITCH ( I mix a little bit of all genres, House, Dance&Electro, etc. On my Instagram (justmusic4peoplz) you can see when I’m online. I would be very happy to have your participation on my channel and maybe give me your opinion on what I can improve.


Hi there, having some video content on Twitch might be a good start for you.

The problem is, if you leave content on there that contains copyrighted material, Twitch will mute parts of your video (potentially all of it).

When I started on Twitch I was told by those with experience not to leave recorded sets online, and that your channel could actually get shut down if you continue with copyright violations.

Live streams are not affected.