Advice for Hybrid Set Up

Hi All,

Day one with the mixer, loving it already!

One thing I can’t figure out is the audio routing. I’d like to be able to sample my vinyl through the mixer to my MC707 but I also want to be able to have the audio coming in on a mixer channel so I can DJ with it too.

I have audio out going booth to mc707

Audio in channel 4

I end up with a loop, I think I just want to stop Ch 4 being sent to the booth out, is this possible?

I’m also open to other ideas if you know?

Your only option to cut out the booth signal is to turn the knob to zero. Booth in general is usually the same thing as Your master. There is no option to stop sending any channel except microphone to booth out.

I would try to run Send/Return and then to sample use the channel selection knob to select Your vinyl. After sampling, Select an empty channel to just send Your sampled audio from MC707.

There are two ways to do it.

Using the send/return. This works the best but you lose the fx when in use.

Use send/line in x1800. This give you the ability to sample and playback as if it was an extra deck. You have to worry about feedback though (bugs).

That’s why I suggested the SEND/RETURN to be used like I stated. The sampler will capture the sound, and then can be rerouted to an empty channel for usage. No loopig feedback will be present then and effects become availabe for sampler. The method with using only SEND and going back to the channel instead of return input, has a down side, that no audio will come out when SEND/RETURN is routed to the deck that is getting sampled. Mixer relays on the return signal to push to master from FX section then. If you send that to SEND then no audio goes for the master. This can create silence in the mix and will not be possible to monitor on the headphones plugged in to the mixer.

This is my preferred method but I found there are catastrophic bugs going this route to the point I can actually crash my prime deck and mixer. I’m in the middle of putting a report about it.

The sends on the mixer should only work when the S/R is active on the mixer but it still sending at the same time you engage other fx.

Midi clock sync works only when you are on an engine connected channel. Change the channel to a non engine connected channel and you will have midi clock out problems.

Send is always sending? Interesting, maybe we should put this to the test.

And for the crash, what actually is crashing? Mixer while using send/return???

I’m actually making a video of it right now but it’ll be posted in it’s proper place.

If you have a sampler then I’ll pm you the procedure to repeat it.

Yeah, Got Maschine Plus.

You can repeat the always active sends 100% just by hooking it up as described and using it.

As for the deck crashing I’ve only seen it twice so far. It just says resetting and acts like it’s shutting down but resets to single layer view. This happened once when using the mixer and once without. Not sure if it has anything to with it anymore.

Maybe a corrupted audio file? I had once a player reset due to shitty mp3 brought by other dj on a usb stick. It turned out a very bad collection of doggy mp3’s, as even my macbook had hard time to copy about 2GB of those files…

I played from the same USB stick for over a year lol. I think it might have something to do with serato.

The test for the mixer’s sends is just simply to patch sends to a monitor.