Advice for 2020 purchase

Hi, I’m new to the forum and would like some advice re: MCX8000. I’m basically after a 4 channel controller to use with Serato and turntables. This unit looks like a good choice and a very good price but I note there have been some issues reported with screen freezing etc. Other options like the Prime 4 (and other makes) are probably beyond my budget although I could live without the standalone feature. So, basic question is whether you’d recommend this controller given it is now several years old. Looks like the support is still there but given other options is this a good choice in 2020 and will the support continue? Is a newer version likely? I am guessing answers in a Denon forum are likely to be positive but still keen to get some views on this one.

Yes I would recommend it. I have two of them. The screen freezing was an issue on older units so I would guess that’s well in the past now. I bought my latest one in November last year and it’s been fine.

They are well built and the sound quality is very good. Standalone use is a bit limited but if you’re primarily using it with software then no problems. You also have fast mode switching which the Prime 4 lacks.

There’s also been a recent firmware beta so Denon are still supporting it.

Any other questions ask away.

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Even tho I love my controller (MCX8000), it is hard to me to just jump to a big YES; and say yes I recommend this controller. In fact the controller is not the problem, even thou I have to put on with not registering the played songs (history) some weird mind of its one on the Slip mode, some other little things on internal mode. The prep software only works in one direction (no synchronization of files) if using Engine Prime. But if you still can deal with that, then Yes, I would say Yes I recommend the controller, is completely awesome.

Now why I say the controller is not the problem? Well sadly I have say I’ve seen Denon working path. The bring a new product, with un finish firmware or not 100% working as it marketed to be, then they start doing firmware updates, til they can no more, budget wise, or what ever, then they just leave it like that, and then they bring some other new product, cicle begins again. While time passes, firmware by firmware, you product becomes legacy, it has no more updates, and at the end, it never work like it was marketed. That is very sad from a company that we really have some very high hopes.

Maybe that is on the past and is not happening with the new Prime Echo System. I don’t know, don’t dare to try yet.

Do you guys think is fare to wait 3 year to make this controller work the way it was supposed to work?

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If the Prime 4 is really and truly out of your budget then the 8000 has matured enough to give you a few years of function.

As smart consoles go, It’s a bit thick compared to Primes but then, any controller looks like a dumbass compared to prime. Primes the way to go if you can though.

Check out my YouTube review. Hopefully it will answer some of your questions.

Thanks for the advice and the review (that was really helpful given it is very current). Is it confirmed that there will be another firmware update? I see posts inviting people to join the beta program (which is now closed) but that was back in January of this year. Is there another firmware update now confirmed based on this beta program? Just trying to establish whether Denon are still actively supportIng this controller with firmware updates.

I never took part in the beta but it was live. Will probably just be minor bug fixes rather than new features though.

Nobody can discuss what’s in it as the beta testers were subject to NDA

The beta test for a firmware update is still active.