Adjusting beatgrids in SC5000

Beat gridding in the engine prime software, while not as slick as Serato or RB, does do the trick. However, inside the SC5000, you cannot place a downbeat marker. You can only slide the entire grid, which just doesn’t cut it if gridding non quantized music (like disco from the 70’s). I don’t understand why Denon wouldn’t provide the same functionality it has in the software in the players? This would allow fixing a grid on the fly without having to revert to the software. Many controllers have this ability so I wonder if it wasn’t an oversight on Denon’s behalf. Denon could you reply? Thanks!

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Controllers = control software

SC5000 = standalone player

Not saying your feature request isn’t valid it’s just you need to know how the tehnology you are using works. Not only stops you making a fool out of yourself when suggesting updates but also makes you a better DJ.

Hmmm, Interesting comment. Denon decided to add controller aspects to a player thus fusing the 2 elements and for that they should be applauded. My suggestion relates to a situation where you load a track into the player which needs access to ALL the gridding features available in the software. Of course if this would never apply to you, that’s fine. However, I have a sneaking suspicion others might find it useful. And no, I don’t feel like a fool for highlighting this inconsistency.

My comment related not to you highlighting that the standalone player lack gridding functions of the software but the fact that don’t seem to understand the reason why is that.

As I said, request is valid but the reasoning doesn’t seem logical.

That would be a pretty cool add to the players. I am one who adjusts all my beatgrids on the players then syncs later (as the player is more intuitive than the software).

Yes I agree and it’s just adding one more button on the screen in the player (plus the code has already been written in the software so shouldn’t be that difficult to add)…