Adjust beat-grid on device?


On the SC6000, using on device beat-grid adjustment, I can move the grid back and forth to align with transients, and of course half or double the grid size.

What I’ve not figured out, is how to stretch or contract the grid (i.e… adjust the BPM). I tend to play off Beatport LINK, and this would be very useful when the BPM detection is just plain wrong…is it possible? I’d have thought holding shift and turning the platter might have been the trick, but doesn’t seem to be.

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It’s not a current feature on the device itself.

The engine prime PC / Mac software has flexigrids though, so you can adjust markers on troublesome tracks there

Here is a request thread for the feature as it pertains to streaming tracks

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Ah yeah. Although I wouldn’t have thought anyone would have the time, to stand there and adjust grids between mixes.

I’d like to see more and more editing features added to the players themselves though, for sure.

Little do you know. I even do flexible beatgridding mid set….and I do quick mixing open format style, take requests…sync ya know

I’ve no doubt most people would be fine.

It’s those who don’t have timeto even press one button to change headphone channel cue, or don’t have time to hold their finger on a song title for 2 seconds to view the extra info etc, who might not have the time to edit beatgrids on the fly :slight_smile: