Add samplers directly to the pads on prime 4 and some features request

hi would be great to be able to change one of the pad modes to sampler and assign samplers directly to the pads. This could make me not regret my pioneer ddj-1000. Should be able to edit; for example could replace slicer or roll by something else within the software or freely customize the pads. A clock on the main display also would be great. And option to record in mp3 format directly from the unit instead to have to convert it afterwards on the pc. Would be great to be able to choose between wav and mp3 or other audio formats. Having visual level record controls on the screen meaning other recording options also would be nice. Another great feature would be to be able to add musics to internal ssd directly from usb stick or mobile phone. So really no need for laptop. Then would be a real standalone. Denon dj is doing great and i know they are working hard to satisfy most main requests. Please consider. Hoping to see in these in future updates.

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Hi @Djnasty230, welcome to the forum!

I think nearly all your suggestions are already made into Feature Requests to be liked. :sunglasses:

Please have a look in those topics or search for keywords to add your like to them or discuss ideas.

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Theres a long thread on the perimeter about why this idea can’t happen, even it it was voted for more than any other idea. As well as the buttons marked up as sample 1, sample 2 etc, Samplers need fast dedicated memory to store samples in. Primes have got memory but it’s already in use for the primary role of DJing like storing two layers of music tracks, storing search results, storing graphic waveforms, storing the icons displayed in the platter color displays and all that.

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