Add Loaded Song to Playlist Quickly

Does anyone know a quick way to add loaded songs to a playlist?

In my workflow, I’m usually picking songs from my library to try out together. When I find winners, I perfect the mix and add them to a playlist for performance. One issue I’ve had with Denon Prime GO is that in order to add songs to a playlist, I need to leave the playback window, go back to the library, search for the song again, enter edit mode, select the song, and drag to my playlist. Basically, I just have to stop my flow. Is there an easy way I’m not seeing?

It’s always going to be a lengthy process as you’ll have to navigate to which playlist you mean

I have nothing but respect for folks that do their playlist management on the decks itself.

It took me best part of a day to even figure out how to edit a playlist on the players.

That Ethernet Lan play feature will alleviate some of this (I think)

At least if the computer is close by, you can reach for it, drag the song into the desired playlist without pausing.

It would be good to have a non-laptop dependent way to quickly add a song to a playlist.

Perhaps setting or nominating a playlist With a long press on the playlist once at the beginning of the night/event then any track that’s playing can be sent to that norm instead playlist via a button hold combo or as an option on left swipe. Eg: you left swipe a track and instead of dumping it straight into the prepare list, the screen offers Prepare List or Nominated Playlist.

One idea I had was to offer a gesture on the performance view where I tap the song title on the track to reveal an “add to playlist” list. It can show a list of my playlists sorted by whichever one I have most recently edited. I think this kind of flow would work pretty well in practice. Maybe the first time I’d need to find my playlist in the long list of options but then in the future, it would be at the top.

Hey, @DJ_Sontag, you’ve given me an idea. Do you know if the “History” or “Session” records allow you to multi-select songs from what you have played and drag them to a playlist?