Ableton Live and DN-X1700, what's best configuration?

I use my DN-X1700 mixer with Ableton Live. Since the beginning, due to the absence of turntables or CD players (everything’s MIDI), I’ve always used the USB MASTER mode, where the 4 channels are physically inactive and the audio signals are redirected to the Master Bus. This requires the knobs to be in MIDI mode (lighting blue).

Ableton Live is quite difficult to configure and handle this way. Here’s why: its EQ Three has the “neutral point” (+0.00 dB) at about 25-30 degrees right (115-120 degrees), while the DN-X1700’s knobs are set to be neutral at 90 degrees.

It turns out that EQ Three is not suitable to handle the DN-X1700 configuration.

To solve this issue, I’m still using a virtual EQ called “LSS-DJeq”, made by the London School of Sound, whose VST interacts with Live. The LSS-DJeq is made for all DJ mixers which have the 90-degree knob configuration.

It is free, very simple, yet useful.

This thread is to ask if you have tried better configurations.

However, my greatest issue concerns the Master Bus. I’m still unable to record my sets with Live, and I cannot figure out why.

Do you record your sets using the USB MASTER configuration? If so, how? Can you help?