A link to youtube music?

is there any plans to link up the prime 4 to youtube music as another streaming services cheers

Has YouTube audio quality gotten to a level where it’s worth playing ?

depends on the source really mate ,but a very popular site for music

haha :slight_smile: i`m going with: Nope

that depends on where you wanna play it. if your target is an engine os device, at least the highs of the youtube source are gonna be better than what you’ll hear from the denons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I assume he’s asking about the monthly subscription YouTube Music Premium, not just DJing with audio from YouTube videos (public uploads).

As with DJ software that supports streaming services, it’s impractical to support every single service out there, especially as most are aimed at the consumer for personal use, not DJs for public performance.

If you want to use streamed music, simply switch to a provider that is supported. There are sites and apps that will convert playlist, favourites etc.

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I agree with PKtheDJ on this