A Consumer-Friendly Device?


The StageLinq tech looks incredibly promising. However, from what I can gather from reviewing the information it seems to be a system designed for larger productions. Any chance a self-contained hub or device will be available for consumers in the future that will, say, convert tempo/BPM/phrase information to DMX similar to offerings from competing companies? Asking for a friend. :sunglasses:

Note: Prime system owner


Is that not what is already supposed to be built in to the MCX8000?


No clue to be honest. I’m a Denon Prime user, so my assumption is an external unit consisting of a USB to DMX512 hub would needed since there’s not one the mixer/players of the Prime series. I’ve updated my OP to indicate ownership.


Yep, same as in the MCX8000, so should be working with smaller solutions too I’d guess.


Or how about a way of accessing Ableton Live info so lights / video fx can by in sync with the music without paying a $60/month subscription…