A bad omen?...No new search criteria with the new Firmware?

I saw the feature video of PRIME4 … it seems, with the new firmware, there will be the possibility to sort song list by many criteria …and it will be a great thing… BUT… i didn’t see anything that lets foresee the possibility of using the “search by comment”… this is a very basic feature but it is very important, much more important than futuristic features that a dj really don’t need every day…

Please DENON give us what we really need every time we use our plates or console: “Search by comment” is a must have function, really important to reach that PC-free experience that you are bringing tu us.

I hope someone from DENON staff will say something about that!!! Thank you in advance… With love… D

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Watch the overview video around the 2:20 mark, on the search select screen it clearly shows “comment”

Sorry I can’t upload a screenshot as the forum admins have blocked me.


Thank you @kradcliffe but that thing written on the upper right corner of the screen it’s just SORT by … so should be just a way to put songs in a certain order, (eventually by: comment - date - added - ecc ).

“Search by comment function” is different, and i would like to know if it will be available with the next FW!!!


I hope all of these features will be implemented in the SC5000