7" record screw dimensions

Does anyone know the dimensions of the 3 screws that hold the 7" record to the spindle adapter? I want to replace mine, but standard records are like a millimeter to thick for the screws.

Got the same issue, I think these screws are M2,5 or M2 (2,5mm or 2mm thick)

I posted about this and have yet to get a reply, even from tech support.

To get round the problem of the screws being too short, i used the metal disk that would normally be attached underneath the platter as a template to mark the three holes on my coloured vinyls then used a 2.5mm drill bit to tap the holes, once done i then used a countersink bit on the drill holes for the screw heads to sit flush with the underside of the vinyl.

I reattached the screws minus the silver disk and voila, works a treat.

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I did the same, I used the serato clears and screws bearly can reach the thread :confused:

I’m glad I saw this thread :smile:

I’m looking to pimp out my M also with a new record and skinz.
I want custom graphics, also I will attempt to mill a smaller adapter so I have a little more play on my fingers. Maybe it’s possible to get a 7 1/2" custom disc too.