5 Star rating functionality in TIDAL on the Prime GO?

When I open my TIDAL playlist through my PRIME GO I can see the 5 star symbols, but I’m not able to rate the track according to what is displayed. What to do? Is this possible to do somehow?

Thx for the help!

You do that from the Engine prime software before or after the gig. But not during

I know. But I’m on my way to a friends gig and only have my mobile phone and the controller with me :man_shrugging:.

So you can 5-star rate the TIDAL playlists from the Engine prime software on the laptop?

You can’t access Tidal from Engine Prime.

I would assume you rate Tidal tracks…in Tidal.


There is no 5-star rating in TIDAL which makes this… Unecessary to display then.

Probably some unfinished functionality. Maybe Tidal will get added to EP in future, and the tracks can be rated there.

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I think if tidal would add the 5 star rating system, then it would be probably implemented to Denon Hardware.

cue points, beatgrids etc for streamed tracks are saved on attached drive

I reckon star rating for the tracks will come if or when this feature request gets to implemented

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