3900 mounting angle position?


HigherFi Post 02 Jan 2013 16:21

Can the 3900 be mounted at an angle?


Post 03 Jan 2013 00:51

Page 3 of the User Manual advises that the unit must be used on a flat surface.

Some of the manuals (in the operating specs for voltage/temperature etc) for Denon DJ rack mounted kit have advised that an angle of 15 degrees can be tolerated - but that was rack mounted, and tray loading (if memory serves) devices, not slot-in, table tops.

Best keep 3900’s flat then.

HigherFi post 07 Jan 2013 18:24

If it only affected the slot load, then I’d do it anyway. Looks like the 2900 will be ticket. Thank you!


I have had my SC3900’s on some Zomo stands raised above my turntables at an angle of about 30 degrees for a few years now without any issues :slight_smile: