1st HOT CUE point Decks 1/3

I cannot set the first hot cue point (red) on the left decks (1/3) on the Prime 4. I can do it in Serato DJ and see it on my laptop screen, but the first pad is not lit. Subsequent hot cue points do work. The first pad will be light blue if I hit the CUE button.

On the right decks (2/4), I do not have this issue and can set it no problem.

Anyone else have a similar issue? I have only had the Prime 4 for about 2 months - and thankfully I bought a warranty. Is this something I will need to send it in to get it fixed?

(I did search the forum to see if anyone had a similar issue but did not find any related searches).


Do You use prime 4 in controler mode or the problem is in stand alone?

In computer mode. I cannot recall if it works in stand alone mode.

That’s the Next thing to check. If it works in standalone mode then it’s something to do with the dj game Software

It seems to work in standalone mode … though the colors are different (yellow for 1st, orange for 2nd).

@DJGDaddy If you refer to the colors of HotCue 1 and 2, it is normal that the color of the two cues are different. You must compare the color of the HotCue 1 on the left side with that of the right side, when you are in STANDALONE

Good, in stand alone mode the pads colors will be assigned randomly. You can correct them later in Engine Prime.

So why does this not work with Serato? How can I make it work?

Issue could be an error in midi mapping…

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