1.6 Engine OS bug


Folks anyone else seen this happen? This happened last week while i was playing at home… i just put it down to a bad file… but the player that had the usb in it completely crashed which stoped the sound for a few seconds

Tonight i was playing my radio show with 2 different players and had this happen on 2 different choons. Lucky both players had their own usb’s and i wasnt using link so was able to sort it without interuption…

so done a bit of trouble shooting on my own players when i got home… one of the same files in studio crashes on my players at home but yet when i down grade the player back to the older software and the problem is gone and the file loads perfectly The file is from the same usb key in both videos👍

Watch this video first(problem)

Watch this one second(problem solved)

It looks like You have a corrupted file. Older version was less sensitive to that kind of things…

Aside from the fact that this thread is in the wrong category (it should be in the media player section), however @Reese can provide.

However, the cause could be that you have different firmware versions between the two players, as confirmed by this message visible in your first video: immagine

You could try updating all your SC6000s to V1.6 and then repeat the test.

It is done :wink:

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@Irishpaddy If you are on Mac then give this app a blast with the corrupted mp3 file. I once had Traktor Pro crash on me at a gig and this found the problem.


Before you do, maybe keep a copy of the mp3 in it corrupt form and forward it onto Denon DJ who will be able to use it and better understand how to get the EngineOS to recover from corrupt files. If the playability changed in different versions then something changed in EngineOS which isn’t ideal. The team can learn what causes the crash and while not fixing the mp3, it could help EngineOS skip over these without dumping out!

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That msg is appearing as i changed the software on the other player to trouble shoot the issue before i made video on this player…

I had this issue happen a few weeks ago with a different file not long after i upgraded to 1.6 which i just put down to a bad file.

This issue reoccured the other night while i was playing my radio show in a studio 30 mikes away of a completely different player.

Also the file plays perfectly if the player has 1.5.2 software on it.

It also crashes engine prime 1.6 but plays perfect on 1.6 beta…see video here —> https://youtu.be/VjUGA7YMmmk

I had a similar issue, not with the players but with the desktop version of Engine Prime (v1.5.1). A corrupt mp3 file caused the app to crash as soon as I browsed to the playlist/crate that contained the file (it happened both Win10 and MacOS). It would be nice of Denon could implement a feature in the Prime software where the files are checked for corruption or bad sectors and fix them when added to a playlist or crate

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Here are some utilities to test your MP3 files: encoding quality, corrupted file

PC Windows :

MP3 Error Checkers / Validators

MP3val (Free) One of the best utilities for detecting and correcting errors in your MP3s.

MP3 Checker (Free) It’s a few years old, but it also scans for corruption in your MP3s. I should note that I haven’t had this one find anything that MP3val couldn’t… but several slipped past here that MP3val caught.

MP3 Information

MP3-Check (Free) Allows you to set parameters to check your MP3s for ID3, bit rate, sample rate, channel mode and gain volume. This program does not check for errors, but would assist you in finding any low-bitrate MP3s (for example).

EncSpot (Free) A great simple program for providing information about the encoder used on your MP3s. Also provides other basic file details including the bit rate, sample rate, channel mode. Does not detect errors.


Sweep FX knob sensitivity bugs on 1.6. Downgraded to 1.5.2 and I’m back to the better ways of DJing @JWiLL