What is the best way to transfer music on my usb stick into Engine Prime?



What is the best way to transfer music on my usb stick into Engine Prime and then export to the MCX8000? I have watched the YouTube video’s, but it is not working 100%…

Situation: I have a USB stick with music, i want to add it into Engine Prime and then let them make automatically make crates based on folder name. Then i want export the database to MCX8000.


Hey @djcreative

We would suggest to copy all of your tracks and folders to your system drive. This has the added benefit of creating a back up of all your files in case you loose your drive.

When this is done, you can select all the folders you want as crates and then drag them into the main collection windows.

After this, it’s just a matter of taking a clean drive, and packing all of the tracks by dragging the crates over to the drive and then clicking convert.

I hope this makes sense?


There is a lot of rethinking to do with the software and import of new music…

So when i have my music on a different drive, by clicking convert to mcx8000 it will copy all my music to my usb stick?

Why is the database so big?



There is a video which explains not only how to use the export to mcx8000 feature, but also how to add songs and organize your collection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ial_wdq4qBo

Why is the database so big?

What specifically do you mean? Prime stores the waveform in the database, so that adds a bit to the size of the database for each track.


In the video he has his collection already imported in Prime… When you install Engine Prime and you have an empty database, you want to add all your music right? So the best way to do so is selecting all your music in my case i have more than 1000 folders of music, each has the name of the Album. When i select it all and drag it into my collection it does not make crates automatically based on the folder name… When i do that 1 by 1 it makes a crate based on the foldername… Why can it be when i select all folders? I contacted Denon Support and they watched and tried it on my computer using remote control, he said it is an shortcoming of the software… So that’s why i am asking how other people are importing it, because it is a f*cked up job to do it manually…

About the database, i have an folder on my usb named Engine Prime, there is a database in it that has become over 400MB… I experience a little lag on the mcx8000 when searching or going back and forward into crates… I have a good usb with enough read speed and write… (sandisk dual128GB)


I can at least speak for myself. I have my crates ordered by main genres and sub-genres - and occasionally sub-sub genres. I have other crates as rough collections of music that I think goes well together - since a song can exist in multiple crates at once. Usually when I get to a genre, I will either use the filter (which shows the list of albums or artist) or I will directly search for album, artist or song. So while, I don’t have my albums ordered by crate, I have quick ways to get to them via filters.

As for the larger DB file - It sounds like your concern is that the large size is bogging down the crate access. This database is where the waveform and cue data is stored, so it is not accessed when navigating crates, playlists, etc.

I’d also like to know how other people are organizing their tracks. If anyone has methods or suggestions, please chime in!


Are you looking for a way to make crates that are mirrors of your folders?

What will happen when you add one new track to an old folder? Will you expect that to be automatically updated in the Crate as well?

I do things manually with any dj software.


i can have one track in multiple crates.

I think we all got used to the old Artist Folder > Album Folder way of doing things from itunes and windows media player organisation.

I do things differently now, I have two folders (Music and Video) each has about 10 folders of the broad genre description eg

HOUSE will have all forms of house from deep to tech POP = Poppy stuff, Charts stuff DANCE = Big Room, Club Dance REGGAE = Dancehall, Reggae, Soca TRAP & TWERK = Trap, Twerk, Moombah LATIN = All latin URBAN = Hip Hop, R&B RAP = 80s, 90s Rap, Boom Bap


I use genres and label id column in the software to be more specific eg a tracks genre could be Urban, Hip-Hop, Top 40 (a track like Drake’s In My Feeling) in the Label/Comment field i can define the mood a bit. Using the same Drake track as an example [HIPHOP] [PARTY]. I then use color code to define a bit more PINK tracks will be girlie favourites :yum:

Blue for tracks i like that i want people to like.

Red for bangers

Yellow for day party, nod your head kinda vibe.

And you know once the girls are dancing the lads are having a good time.


Yes i want mirrors of my folders as subcrates, the main crates are created by Genre. So for example Remix, Local, Hindi, English etc. In those crates i want all my cd’s (folders) as a subcrate. I want to add them not 1 by 1 but select a few folders and drag it into a main crate, Engine Prime has to made the crates then automatically but that is not happening now… Only when i take 1 folder and drag it into a crate it creates a subcrate automatically… The folders that exists are not getting any new songs in it, and if so i can drag the new songs myself into a existing crate,like everyone does to his existing crates.


I can’t think of any straight way for you to achieve what you are trying to do. I recall with Serato Scratch Live people had to use a third party app to perform this trickery.

To recap, you want to be able to select multiple folders then add/drag them to Engine Prime and as you drag them you want individual crates created for each folder?

Is that it?


That’s it :wink:


I can’t think of a straightforward way to do this off the bat without you getting your hands dirty.

If you don’t mind a convoluted way to this

Itch Sync Tool > Serato > Engine


Alchemie > Serato > Engine

here goes

I don’t use any of these…So you are on your own.


The problem is that 1 folder drag and drop is working fine, makes the crates automatically why not with multiple folders? Denon Support watched and tried doing it on my laptop and figured out that it was not working… They find it strange to!