Track Duplication Problem


Hi guys,

I’m not sure if maybe I am just misunderstanding how this software works but, could someone explain to me why my tracks get duplicated in my collection after I export them to my USB drive?

For example, I have a folder on my computer full of music. I dragged this folder over into the collection area in Engine Prime and it created a crate. This create has 65 songs in it and I can see all of them. I then prepped my music, plugged a USB drive in, and drag-and-dropped the prepared crate onto my USB drive. Now, in Engine Prime, the crate that was first created has 130 tracks in it. All of the songs got duplicated and the only difference is that one copy if Packed and the other is not.

Why am I seeing both of these copies in that crate?


Because EP (still) needs fixing! I use a New rootmap in colection on my usb, for example ‘usb folder’. Than i drag all the crates i need in there, but then still the left tree gets messed up sometimes, dont know why ether. Things will get better! We just have to hang in there and have faith. In ten years from now we can say we were here, right in the beginning.


As a follow up to this for anyone else that runs into this, this is the way the software is supposed to work.

According to the manual, the collection shows the music from all drives, internal and external, so it was showing duplicates because it was showing me files from both my internal drive and my USB drive.