SSD vs HDD speed function


Hello everybody, Just a request… I am using an extern Samsung SSD as main Source and have a backup on an extern HDD. It seems that there is nearly no speed difference. What’s your experience?


Addition: Anyone using a 512 GB USB-Stick? Which one?


When using WAV, a 5 minute track is ~50MB, the speed difference between a HDD and an SSD when loading a single file of that size is hardly noticeable.

I use a 1TB USB3 HDD as my main source, and a 64GB USB3 stick - I don’t notice any difference in loading speeds between the two. I think the main benefit of using SSD is that they are less susceptible to vibration and more reliable when being chucked in a bag and carried around.


should not be noticable as the speed of a HDD is much higher then what is required, a FLAC/WAV file of 50-100MB is transferred in seconds.

The speed of a SSD is overkill vs the “lower” speed of a HDD, but the biggest advantage of a SSD is that it has no moving parts.

I use 2 500GB portable HDD’s USB3, the USB3 is great when transferring a lot of data from the PC/MAC to the drives, but not needed for performance on the players.


Why not compare the drives using the benchmark app for Windows:


SSD is better like you said against vibrations. Furthermore it’s faster when preparing the collections on your computer.

On the player there will be less difference speed wise.


The main speed advantage an SSD offers over an HDD is that there is no physical read head that needs to go to the physical location on a disk to read the necessary data. The SSD can read directly from memory as there are no moving parts. This would typically benefit search times on the drive or when a lot of small files need to be retrieved.

On the flipside SSDs are a lot less geared towards many read/write cycles. So best used for write once/read many applications.


They have 10,000 read/write cycles in them though, so not something that most people will need to worry too much about!!