SC5000 V1.2.1 - Update


Dear Members

We have found an issue during updating with the v1.2.1 firmware that has affected a small subset of SC5000 users’ hardware. Users experiencing this can temporarily roll back to v1.2.0 and continue to use the players with confidence. Our team are working on a priority fix for this issue and we’ll notify when this is complete for updating to v1.2.1.

We have put the 1.2.0 update files back on the website. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.


How will I do that? My screen freezes when he just start up. Can’t go to utility preference.


Please, can you give our team a call and they can guide you through the Restore Process? Apologies for the inconvenience.


A call to what number?


Yes, after many starts up i got into utility and “update” the player to version 1.2.0!


Where can I download the older firmware version v1.2.0?


Denon site, my products, SC5000 firmware


Updated with usb , no issues , took about 2 mins. Followed guidelines from the video , happy man :+1::+1:


Update went smooth. Both done with USB-flashdrive.

But did you all perhaps notice the new feature NOT mentioned in the list??

Feature Requests - What would You like to see?

Flashing CUE and PLAY at bpm value :wink:


oh yeah! I was waiting for that :star_struck: never dared to ask

my updates also went smoothly - via usb-pc


It’s been a year; I can rest now. :sunglasses:


Thank you! I guess it pays to register your products!


why not explain he “restore process” @ this fourm as there are quite some users that experience the same issue.

Or this could be usefull for any future issues.

I haven’t updated my SC5k’s and will wait for the update, although I hope this fix update will be available faster then the cue issue update.


Updated with USB-flashdrive, no issues.


Could this notification be emailed/sent/bluetoothed to users so they know, I only found out form a facebook post. Might be a good idea.


Only need to tell all of us on the forum of new update version of firmwares. Email is old way


I cannot agree with this. If you send an e-mail, every person who has registered the product will get a notification on their Cell Phone.


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really?? I did not notice … well good


Hate to spoil the party, but there is still an issue left with the hot cues. I tried what happens if you hit a cue within an active loop and the answer comes in two parts. It works - in any bar of the loop but the last one. If you hit the cue in the last bar it will still jump out of sync. Also the player will go out of sync. Tried this with loops of different length and it’s always the last bar.

Probably there is just a minor index/counter problem left to fix. So please please please, dear DENON - you’re almost there.