SC5000 V1.2.1 - Update


Already on the radar. :wink:


Hey folks,

We have just released 1.2.2 which resolves the screen hang issue that a few people were seeing. You can find the download and more information here:


Is this also recommended for people who had no issues at all?


That is two firmwares releases in a 48 hours for the sc5000 - that is helping of the averages time between releases a lot



Great question!

Yes, we are recommending that everyone updates to 1.2.2. While the reports that we have received suggest that units that had the 1.2.1 issue exhibit the issue almost immediately, we have concluded that it’s better to be on the safe side. This means updating even if you are not experiencing problems.


I would also like to further pad our stats by bringing up the fact that Denon has also released an update to the MCX8000, and to our Engine Prime software as well this week. If you’re willing to accept that, of course. :slight_smile:


Of course! That means that there had been three firmware updates of September and one Engine software release at well.

I am gladly accept that !!!

I only am negative to they who are negative themselfs

You have released a lot of softwares and firmwares and I think that you may have probably achieve that inbetween new model developement as the 5000M was not very different from Sc5000 . I would had guessed for a something like a 8000 but with full Prime brains and features but now I don’t sure as you have mcx8000 firmwares 2.0 to make old 8000 work on Engine Prime. All guesses me.


I noticed a great improvement in the tracks analysis. Great work Denon :ok_hand:


Hey @EthanLeo you mean directly into the SC5000 or with engine ? :slight_smile:


I noticed this in the PC version, later i wanna test straight on the player :ok_hand:


I analyzed some tracks on the player yesterday. Had the impression it went faster then before. Also the results were quite good.

On one track tempo and beat grid were off by a factor of 1.5. But that can always happen with algorithms. We’d just need beat griding on the player :wink:


All good. That strangeness with the instant double is gone.