Sc5000 loss connection with serato dj


Both my sc5000’s connection with serato dj disconnected and was looking for computer standalone mode and screen and player displays went blank all night during my 5 hour gig.


Are you using a USB hub or does each item plug directly into the computer?


[Uploading I’m using USB hub but powered I’m using a USB hub but powered


are there enough usb ports on the laptop to connect all three key pieces of equipment to the laptop without the hub?


No sir not with a MacBook pro


It might be worth trying out an alternative brand of powered hub - especially if its any make of USB C hub, which are getting all sorts of reported issues (not just from DJs).

The other option, assuming that you’re not using all the USB sockets on the rear of the SC5000’s already, is to connect the SC5000’s to each other, which means that number of usb hub/laptop sockets reduces.

Can the SC5000 Prime be used as a USB Hub in Controller mode?

Ok I’ll try how do they connect together, in using network hub and USB external HD from rear sc5000


First I thought I got the same problem, but then I exit out Serato and start the Serato again then it worked.