MC7000 no Mic heard in Booth Monitor


I have an MC700 and can’t hear the mic through the booth monitor. Is there a button inside serato dj or something? Can’t find


I too just discovered this exact same issue tonight with my MCX 8000.

I am not a club DJ and mainly do weddings. So when I use the Booth Out / Zone Out, it’s to get a signal to a second set of speakers else where in the same room or even another room which was the case tonight, as it was a huge wedding reception and there simply wasn’t enough room in the main ballroom. 95% of the time that means using a wireless transmitter, as in an In-Ear Transmitter and Receiver. So the microphone signal is every bit as important as the music.

Is there a setting somewhere that I can adjust?

I need an answer soon as I need to do surround sound remote speakers again next weekend.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance!