Jog Wheel Slipping at Beginning of Set


During the beginning of my outdoor gig last weekend, my left jog wheel kept slipping so I couldn’t scratch or hold the song ready to drop. Weather was about 80F (26.6C) and I was under a canopy but the sun was hitting the MC7000 slightly. After 30-40 minutes into my set it played normal. Sensitivity of the platters was correct when I checked after my gig. I have the latest firmware update, running the latest Serato DJ Pro, 2016 Macbook Pro with 16Gb of RAM with Mac OS High Sierra. I have never encountered this issue at home or any other outdoor gigs. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing?


It’s a known thing with touch capacitive jogwheels that are used on almost all controllers of all brands. Bad electrical grounding or excessive body current will mess with sensitivity of the jogwheels. c/p from another thread, Denon admin: “Without a ground reference, the platters WILL behave unexpectedly. This is the nature of capacitance sensing platters.”


Thanks for the response. Do you thinking a power conditioner will help avoid this issue?