Inconsistent Jog Wheel Tension


My preference of tension is on the tighter side and the Sc5000 players dont disappoint. My problem with them is the tenstion wont stay consistant after the mid way mark on the adjust knob. For example, when beat matching my third or fourth nudge may requires alot more pressure. I also noticed the tensions difference in the same spot of the rotation if i manually spin the wheel a few full rotations. Additionally my second player does the same thing but not so much that I notice while in the mix.

Anybody else experence this ?


Yes, units are swapped and issue still same but retailer says they cant do any thing about it now cause they already swapped them. So same still inconsistent te Simon on the platter same as you described


Thanks for the feedback, you saved me the hassle of trying to get it replaced. Sure is dissapointing that there is no solution.


Well i was very early to get mine, so maybe i got replacement from the same faulty first batch… I read other comments that the platters should not have that issue so they might have fixed it later on or it is just something that can happen… I still hope there Will be a fix cause it is super annoying yes.


I had one of mine fairly early also and that one has a little of this too.


Yes having the same problem on both my decks. They where sent back to Denon to look at and repair which took most of March and when they came back still the same issue.One of the decks had loose screws rattling around in the bottom which gave me cause for concern which denon have been made aware of.I have asked for the decks to be replaced waiting to see what happens.