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I would like to know when we can use prime engine with the mcx8000


We all do. I have to say I am an optimistic person by nature. I give trust rather than having it “earned”. It is starting to look like I will be disappointed both ways. My optimism is giving way to the pessimistic thought that this indeed a non-priority issue for Denon and before the year is out we will see the MCX8000 show up in the “legacy products” category on the website and that also means the trust I have placed in the “we don’t give out timelines on improvements/new releases, but we ARE working hard on it and a solution is coming soon”-remarks here on the forums by Denon staff was a lot of hot air with the only intention to “silence the masses” and keep us subdued.

For a true Denon aficionado like me a true disappointment.


This is inevitable.

I read most of your posts and when some of us are raging (my hands up) you’ve always been very objective.

I’m sure They are working on something but I suspect major challenges with the 8000 hardware is a bottle neck.

Is it difficult to add extra lines of code to the Engine Prime to save a collection in a format the MCX8000 can read.

What is your take if they find a way to do it but such 8000 compatible USB drives can’t be read by the SC5000 and vice versa.

I know Rekordbox has limitations with some of their older devices and during export to those you will get a warning e.g. some tracks in your export won’t be read by the destination (something like that).


I don’t need all the fancy tricks that Prime offers on my MCX. I would settle, as I have said before, for a stable, fast platform, that has a bit more by way of beatgridding (hopefully) and overall collection management. If I need to make separate usb’s for MCX, that would be ok with me.


Any idea when we will be seeing an update for MCX8000 compatibility? Library functions at least! I understand that the Hardware differences affect available functions, but Crate/Playlist generation and track analysis for BPM, Key etc. should be relatively easy.


New update 1.1 of Engine Prime but nothing for our MCX8000. :thinking:


they are ignoring us! just words to the wind!


So that’s nearly a year, any actual plans to sort out this diabolical music management system?!


Sure; But not with an Engine 1.5.1 or 1.6 etc… Although the Engine Prime software is a moving target itself, with all sorts of enhancements and additions made, and being made to it in the future, plans are really progressing well to have the MCX8000 and Engine Prime software interacting together.