2.0 bricked - hardware reset?


2.0 firmware bricked my device, powers up but screens stay on denon logo and can access menu to roll back.

is there a way to hardware reset with buttons at power on?


Try holding the left vinyl button when powering on. The unit should go into a demo mode. The screens should have the features of the unit displayed and the vu led’s should be running up & down etc. Now power off & on again as normal. This worked for me when my unit was stuck on the denon logo. But it also hasn’t worked for everyone, so it’s only a 50/50 chance, but it’s worth a shot.


this did the trick! exactly what I was looking for and couldn’t see it anywhere. had tried a bunch of different button combos.

Thanks so much, back in action!


Awesome!! When this first happened to me, I went almost a whole week trying to reboot & hoping it would come right. Then I read somewhere about putting the unit into “Vegas Mode” & thought, this just might be a way to reset the displays. I tried it and… it worked!! A couple of others have tried my suggestion & said it didn’t work though, so I’m really glad to hear this worked for you & you’re back in action. The real crazy part of this story is that since I did this, it’s never frozen on the logo again…touch wood!!