Zoom Range - Waveform

The range to zoom into a waveform should be more extended in Engine Prime software - as like in Traktor or Serato. The tracks could be synced more exactly.

Hi Lepfert -

You can zoom in and out using the CMD and + or - keys on a Mac keyboard (or Control and + or - on a Windows PC)

Whilst most users are finding the currently offered zoom range fine for their needs, there is a way of getting amazingly precise waveform display.

First, change the Pitch Range to +/- 100%. by clicking on it.

Next click and drag the Speed button up, so that the pitch gets lower and lower… take it to say, minus 90%. The waveform will now be extremely zoomed in, allowing for super precise placement of Hot Cues, Loops, Beatgrids etc.

Thank you. Works for me :blush:

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