Zoom out further than 3 seconds

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? I want to be able to zoom out further than 3 seconds on my new prime 4. Coming from the RX2 which has this feature it really bothers me not being able to zoom out to check if the phrasing is correct.

Should be a easy feature to add because it already zooms out when you raise the bpm. Just add so that you can zoom out further by not changing the bpm.

Thank you


There’s usually a little preset form to fill out for any feature request.

I guess “zoom out further” doesn’t really need it though haha :rofl:

Simple, but yet so useful

Yes, yes and yes.

I mix lengthy house over minutes and would like to see where the drop is incase a rogue beat or two out of a breakdown ruins the phase.

Being able to zoom right out gets my vote.

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