Zone out / Continuous Play

So I am not sure if this should be a feature request or if there is a way to work around. Or if I am missing something completely. But how would you get continuous play from a playlist to play through the main output, as with Zone out?

This would be useful for weddings where you would need to have background music in the main venue as well as outdoors before you start performing.

This has been covered previously. The function already exists. Depending what firmware you have, you either swipe up from the bottom of the screen (small arrow in the middle), or swipe down from the top (if you’ve updated firmware) and you will see a ‘continue’ button. Press this and away you go. As far as I know this continuous mode works for both zone out and master. NB if doesn’t fade/mix them but will play one after the other.

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Yes that is correct but I have an additional question regarding continuous mode and zone out. If you have a playlist loaded to a deck on continuous mode and you start browsing another playlist when the song ends on the list you already have playing it will switch to the playlist you are browsing. I should be able to view load and or browse anything in my library without anything changing a deck that is in continuous mode. Only exception is zone out, that works fine but no mic to zone out yet which is my next question. Has that been added to feature request yet?

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