ZCase DJ Booth for Prime consoles

Came across this rather neat DJ Booth for the Denon Consoles - Prime 4 & 2, be really neat if they have designs on producing them for the SC5000/6000 and X Mixers.

ZCase DJ Booth

I’ve sent them a message to see if this is on the cards.

Awesome looking product but really pricey here in the U.S. ($2k - 3k).

Wowser, that’s a lot of cash.

That is kinda nice. It is missing razor wire around it to discourage placement of beer glasses, mind.

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Just glue this on top the strip

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Maybe I read it wrong but the price seems to be $600 + shipping and import tariffs.

This is what I found state side. Hopefully someone is offering it for a better price.

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 2.34.51 PM

Specifications DJ Booth CDJ2/3000 and DJM900: Price DJ BOOTH: from € 675, - excl. VAT & excl. shipment Price DJ BOOTH FLIGHTCASE: € 500, - excl. VAT & excl shipment.

I forgot the flight cases. That would be $1400 plus sales tax, shipment and any import duties. Plus your dealer needs to make a margin to feed their hungry kids.

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I’m still awaiting a quote for one of these, think it would sit in nice with my new man cave.

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