Your loss now!

ATT DENON SUPPORT STAFF: As far as I am fully aware and concerned then you are as bad as the people on this forum targeting me now and you should be ashamed! Countless times you have obliviously turned a blind eye to instigating derogaratory comments left by forum users towards me and instead you choose to flag my responses to them…clearly this carries all the hallmarks of in tandem online bullying and harassment inclusive in using favouritism. I hate all of this and I will never ever forget it! Can any of you even take the time to read,think then actually give a single ■■■■ about who it is that’s causing the trouble here? No obviously not,not when you are equally as arrogant and co-contributing to these things. I cannot find anything whatsoever good left now to say to you Denon period as this treatment dished out to me constitutes blatant disregard and bullying and you also do not give a single ■■■■ whatsoever about me as a customer! Feel free to flag being told some home truths about yourself all you like!!

Good Riddance!


The flag system is automatic. I don’t know when, but when some other forum users flag a post, it will become hidden until an admin says otherwise. Agreed, it is misused often.

I flagged the complete topic for review, because it became too personal between all participants. Nekoro simply closed it entirely, while I opted for a “mod-break” by, ehm, moderators or admins.

The frustration is certainly understandable.



  1. The majority of folks here are very helpful or try to.

  2. With the few that appear like they are fecal matter stirrers. I chalk it up to differences in style of communication, I know some cultures are more direct when expressing views.

  3. Peace :v:


No matter what nationality or culture we are part of, there is one thing that distinguish full grown human beings from human beings wannabes: common sense.

It’s a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense. (Robert G. Ingersoll)

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To be honest, I have never seen a post by the OP, flagged or nonflagged. Is he/she a new user?

I haven’t seen any post from that poster without black out squares in it. Lol

I don’t think that helps in terms of acceptance or fitting in. Threatening physical violence to forum members probably didn’t prolong his/her forum lifespan either.

It’s unlikely that the black outs, the threats of violence or the “you’ve all got to believe me, I’m the innocent victim here, help me obi-wan kenobi-esq” lines are needed, serve any purpose, or would expedite any firmware release dates

@ Trafford, In all honesty, your ultimatum has been the first time you’ve floated on to my radar.

Reese is right in saying that the flag system is run by the community. And as far as I can tell, the system is working. Community members can flag a post as violating our community standards. The more members that flag a post, the higher chance that it is removed.

Since you seem to have an unusually high number of flagged posts, one can only conclude that you have failed to conduct yourself in a way that the rest of the forum members find civil and appropriate.

The truth is, the Denon forum moderators have much to, and going through, removing every 3rd post that you write is time much better spent answering questions or helping in other ways. The expedient moderator action would be to ban you outright - which is something that we can still oblige you if you continue with such behavior.

You’re welcome to continue to express yourself - feelings, viewpoints, opinions and all, but you are required to do so in a respectful manner.