X1850 USB 1 problem

Hi All,

Seriously in trouble here with my loved 1850. Usb1 connected to MacBook for serato use. The slightest touch against usb cable makes the unit disconnect with laptop. Changed to new cable, problem is still There. It is clear the socket has poor contact. Sometimes even during play it goes wrong, so I can’t rely on the unit at the moment. Unit is 5 months old, have to send to Germany for repair in warranty. In These COVID times, my music at home pulls me thru, not really happy with sending my unit out for some weeks. So the questions: Anyone having the same issue? How to use usb2 for connection? It doesn’t work instantly as I have tested… If usb 2 is OK and connected with serato at least I can still play…

Thank for your help!

Send it back and go rent one for now if you can’t wait. I wouldn’t sit on it and honestly COVID excuses are done. Almost every business has adjusted to it and there should be no reason why you can’t get proper service; not in this industry anyway.

Hasn’t happened to my mixer.