X1850 physical wobble

I saw a post in the X1800 section with someone who had the same problem as I do, but am curious to know if other X1850 owners have the same problem.

The corner of my mixer, underneath the FX button, is raised off of the table a little bit. I have confirmed that it isn’t a warped table by putting it onto the floor and another table. It looks like all the rubber feet are the same (not one missing or something like that). Anyone else had/solved this problem?


My sc5000’s are like that, so I put a folded piece of cardboard underneath the foot that doesn’t touch the table :rofl:

I had that problem with my SC5000 on the very begging, but I put it with the “higher” feet on the edge of the table and gently pressed it across so the device got straight again. This can happen also with long transport/usage in cheaper cases. Metal and some plastic parts have the tendency to bend over time a bit. If You are very gentle You can fix that Yourself.