X1850 Over sensitive volume on gain rotaries

Hey, New to denon, brand new x1850. I noticed right away on first gigs that when i adjust vol with channel gain it is wayyy too sensitive, i barely touch or turn and it goes so loud i sound like an amateur. (32 years of ding). Is there a way to adjust senitivity of gain knobs or maybe i have faulty mixer (this ain’t ok)?

Thanks, PK

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Could you tell us how exactly is your workflow that your audience is hearing you adjust gain of your track that is going live (fader up)?

Also, what other gear are u using and how is it connected? If you’re using software with your mixer, your gain staging must be waay off.

My preference is to check the volume on the channel with everything 12’o clock and see if the green/white/blue bars on the PK reaches the lvl I want before i start mixing the song/acapella in.

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What are your input sources? SC5000? SC6000?

Exactly my workflow, pick the loudest part of the track, and fix gains before before I begin to mix in


Yup, ok i did not understood what was going on, and weird thing is that mixer sometimes changes volume by itself. I know it sounds ridiculous but i can hear it do that few times on a gig. Maybe it has something to do with digital in from decks? About setting volume before live, well i have some experience as i said :). So far been playing mostly with pioneer mixers djm2000, djm 900nxs2 etc. Never experienced anything like it, either it has something to do with digital connection or i have faulty mixer or faulty software on mixer. At one point channel meter drops almost half to what it was and it is clearly audible!

Thx for responses, PK

Could you actually reply to our questions so we can help troubleshoot the issue?

Yeps, sorry, did not realize i had replies here until yesterday.

2x SC6000 + X1850 connected via digital inputs with cables players came with. Playing without computer or any external software. As i said in previous post it is really weird, it’s like mixer changes gain by itself, sometimes drops, sometimes goes higher. At first i thought its about gain knobs but now i don’t understand at all what going on. Never had this with any mixer since 1989. I usually set gain before i play the track. Kinda weird, played yesterday then it happened once, i’ll see how tonight goes. Most of the time all is well, when long mix is playing then i have not heard this problem, only when i play 1 track live and i cue listen next track in headphones (or something like that), hard to explain. It’s like there is something with digital connection (haven’t tried analogue connection yet).

Thanks for input, PK