X1850 MacBook Pro Connect

how do I connect X1850 to my MacBook Pro using Catalina

By the USB cable.

I have it connected from X1850 USB 1 on top of my mixer to USB port on MacBook Pro

So You made it :slight_smile:

No. My lap top with Serato is not recognizing Denon equipment

Ahhh, You didn’t told us about any serato, previously… You just asked how to connect a mixer to a computer.

Do You have Serato Dj kit bought or Serato Dj Pro unlocked?

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You need this: Serato DJ Club Kit - Bundles - DJ products - Software | Serato.com

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I have Serato DJ pro kit

Ok, how does Your operating system see the usb from the mixer amd usb from the players?

have you switched the mixer-channel-sources to usb…?

Or made sure the switch number is the same we as the USB input for audio in

It is Yeltsin. and yes meringo it’s on usb. sorry to answer now its bc i work over night. i know its something simple but im not getting it yet

  1. Confirm that you have Serato Club Kit activated on your account by logging in to Serato Expansions account.

  1. Confirm your Serato DJ is up to date 2.4.6 is the latest as at today

  2. When you fire up Serato with the X1850 connected what do you see in the bottom yellow banner in Serato DJ

Manage Devices



  • Serato DJ Club Kit Serato DJ Wolfpack FX Add-on

Deactivate this device

On your mbp go to the audio/midi utility and see if your mixer is detected by the OS as audio and midi.

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Have look at that as well.

I do see my mixer in my MBP but I just found out that Serato is not hoked up with Denon X1850 yet.

What version of Serato DJ do you have?

Check that you have the latest - version 2.4.6

Yes, I have 2.4.6

What controller did you use to get the Wolfpack? I think you only got the dvs upgrade for your controller.

Your decks look like this right now