X1850 Dead FX Screen

Powered on my X1800 and the OLED screens were blank / off. I was able to get the unit to update to firmware 1.6. Then, the bottom OLED screen started working. Any ideas on how to get the top screen working again?

I have the exact same issue. Im updating the firmware rn. I will come back when it reboots and let you know. Im shocked this hasnt been addressed yet.

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Hey @AURA_Systems Happy to help! We may need to connect you with a technical support agent to have a closer look. Can you message me your email / phone number so I can connect you?

I swear this gear is garbage. It has not finished the firmware updates. I attempt to restart the firmware update and it never completes.

While the X18x0 mixers are very picky and a small PITA when updating firmware…you could try this:

Windows: As it is connected to your computer and the mixer is forced into update mode again (data receiving), can you run below successfully?

c:\Program Files (x86)\Denon DJ\X1850 PRIME Firmware Updater\Denon DJ X1850 PRIME Firmware Updater.exe