X1850 compatibility with Traktor Pro 3

Afternoon all. I’m brand new to this forum, so I apologise if this question has been answered before.

I’m interested in buying the Denon X1850 Prime mixer with a view to using it alongside my Technics 1210s, an A&H Xone 1D, and a laptop running Traktor Pro 3.

I know the X1850 is a digital mixer, but i’m struggling to find any information about whether you can assign and map the EQ knobs and volume faders on the mixer so that they control those respective functions on the laptop? Obviously i’ll be using the Xone 1D alongside it to play/stop tracks, activate loops etc.

I’ve emailed Denon directly and also various shops but no response yet. Any info you can give me will be a big help, thanks.

Hello @Andyleford

Welcome to the forum!

You can mapp the EQ, but why? You can run the Traktor in externa mode with traktor, using DVS or just as normal sound card with mixing all on the mixer it self. So traktor actually needs to do less processing anyway…

EDIT: You can just rout each traktor deck to a separate mixer chanel, set the input on the mixer to usb and You are good to go.

@NoiseRiser Ah thanks bud, appreciate the feedback. Was just curious really, but yes that sounds like a good option.

Think i’ll be taking the plunge with the purchase, it looks like a phenomenal bit of kit.

It sure is and has a lot of cool features :slight_smile:

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