X1850 channel1 cue continues to play on headphones even when the cue turned off

Strange bug faced today during a performance my X1850 channel1 cue continued to play on the headphones even when the CH1 cue was turned off (to cue my next song) anyone encountered this?

I cued my next song on CH4 without any way to stop from headphones the CH1 playing. Stopped this after new track load on player 1.

My setup is 2x 6000 and x1850 connected

This has happened to me a few times. For me, I accidently had hit the fx cue button.

Did you had the cue/mix knob on the mix maybe?

Maybe is this, as i have most of the time the effect active and i put it into play with the rotary knob when needed.

So with the fx cue on, the effect assigned channel is playing in the cue even with the cue button of the channel off?

Yes as that would be the only way to cue the effect. Hopefully that’s it and your mixer is fine.

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Correct. The idea is to be able to preview how the fx sounds like on a already playing track, even on master. With fx cue on, and with SOME fx, even when fx on/off button is off, when you move the wet/dry knob above 0% you will hear the fx applied in headphones.

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