X1850 and constant network drop

any one else having a contact network drop while trying to use streaming services like beatport? Mac stays on line but lose connection on the regular now.

My mixer shares the internet across the players without any issues.

Never had a problem. Have you disabled WiFi on the players? Try that.

anytime you have a network issue, start by doing a factory reset. And no, no issues. after you do the factory reset, test again, if you continue to have an issue, change the cable leading to the unit that is dropping out.

Do one thing at a time so you can isolate the issue.

good luck

Shain, much history on this. cables have been changed 3 times to all units, multiple hard drive, removed and more. Seems like every other week I have to reload firmware to get them to operate acceptable for a few days. Wifi disabled. However, they work better on wifi as far as network. However, still have 2 that restart for what ever reason through out a set. Luckily not during a song.

note: been doing this since Aug/Sep 2020