X1800 XLR Port Not working

Had not moved my mixer in months. Sunday I moved it outside to do a party at my home for guest and I moved the mixer 50 feet and when I plugged it back up the Left XLR Stopped sending a signal. My Mixer is in Stereo (Stereo/Mono) switch on top right on the mixer. Now by not sending a signal I mean the entire left side of the master was down. Light up on the right side only, but when I switched to Mono the XLR port worked, and the signal came back on the board, both sides lit up. So is this thing fried or am I missing something.

Have you checked to see if the “Pan” control is still in the middle? It’s easy to nudge rotary controls during lifting/moving

Yes it’s centered. When in Stereo pan right I get sound pan left nothing. Switch to Mono and I get sound from both XLR ports.

Is the mixer not giving out any signal that side on any input , or is it only one input that you’ve tried so far? I’d try several inputs, to make sure it’s the master, and not one of the inputs that’s missing one of its left/right inputs

After that, I’d unplug every cable to leave one completely empty mixer, then plug it all back in again.

Still nothing? Try different leads

Still nothing? Maybe a service center would be needed

Found the issue. After connecting digital cables, I checked other RCA cables one is defective leading to the master. It had a bad filter on it.


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