X1800 won't update/frozen for v1.3

I turned on the mixer, plugged it into my laptop, ran the firmware updater, booted the x1800 in update mode, then it just stopped updating and froze for a couple hours mid-update. I eventually turned the mixer off, now it just continually stays in the start-up mode as if I was turning it on regularly. I can’t actually turn it on for use as of right now.

Does anyone have advice on where I should I go from here? Thanks.

Please, add what OS version you use and USB type for completeness.

Have a read-through here, perhaps you have the same:

There are some options. Forcing update mode and only do the STM update, for instance.

I’m on windows 10 and the mixer is connected via a usb a to usb b. I’m trying to sift through that post but there’s 106 comments so I’m trying to find the actual ones related to the issue.

EDIT: I don’t see a solution in there. All I see are 3 other people having the same issue with no results.

EDIT 2: I’m just taking my issue to the main thread so I’m no longer double posting. Thanks.