X1800 won't start up. Lights flashing but stuck in startup cycle

Hey everyone,

I have an issue with my X1800. The other day the power flickered in my house and when my X1800 came back on it wouldn’t come out of the boot up cycle. The mixer and all my gear is connected to a surge protector so I have a hard time thinking its damaged. Now the mixer when powered on just stays in the cycle of flashing the lights across the surface and won’t start up.

I’ve tried to reinstall the firmware, and the control surface firmware, over twenty times now. I’ve followed the instructions below (from another post about this) for reference.

"It has been reported a few times on the forum (and actually happened to me when I updated mine as well). A key way to tell is that when you turn the unit on, it just flashes all the lights from the top left to the bottom right.

To fix this you will need to first update the CONTOL SURFACE (STM/DSP) Firmware. 1.Connect the X1800 PRIME to your computer via USB 1. 2.Power on the device while holding BACK + FX CUE + TAP. 3.Choose OK to start the update. 4.Next, follow the specific steps below for your OS.

Windows: •On your computer go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Denon DJ\X1800 Firmware Updater\STM32 •Double click the Denon DJ X1800 Firmware Updater2 application. •This will run the Control Surface (DSP/STM) updater application. •Follow the on screen instructions to start the update process. •Once complete perform a factory reset. •Next, run the full X1800 Firmware Updater application again to complete the USB Audio Interface (XMOS) update. •Note: Once this completes you can skip the second portion of the update as you’ve already done this above."

The difference for me being that even after I reinstall the firmware or control surface software, when the mixer tries to restart the lights flash normally for a number of cycles, but then the lights glitch out and flash all over the mixer in different colors before it returns to it’s typical cycle from top left to bottom right.

I have tried different cables, different computers, and like I said the install process over 20x. Does anyone have any suggestions or history with this issue? The forum posts I read all say the same thing or the things I have tired already.

TIA for any help with this.