X1800 USB2 not working

Hi everyone,

I seem to be having an issue with the second USB port on my mixer. I know for a fact that it worked previously as I’ve done back to back sessions with a friend, both of us using or own laptop running serato. the last time I used it in this configuration was about 18 months ago. since then I updated it to the current 1.3 firmware. In my attempt to clean up my livestream setup, I connected the USB2 port to my streaming computer and USB1 to my DJ laptop running Serato. I noticed that the streaming computer was not detecting the mixer.

so switched the connections, now USB1 was going to the streaming computer and USB2 to my laptop. now my laptop was not detecting the mixer. I swapped out the cables, I use chroma cables, still nothing.

next I rolled back the firmware to 1.2 and checked the connections again. USB1 worked just fine, USB2 still not working.

did a factory reset. still nothing on USB2.

updated firmware back to version 1.3. USB2 still not working.

does anyone have any other suggestions or is this port dead? I’m really disappointed in the quality of the Denon hardware. I purchased my set(2 SC500 and 1 X1800) in Late 2018. Since then the SC5000 have gone out on maybe 6 gigs total, mostly due to lack of features compared to my DDJ-1000 at the time and reliability issues with the players freezing. I also had to send one of the SC5000 in for repair earlier this year because the screen died on it. again, very light use, deck savers on when being stored in my room on a shelf.

the X1800 saw more use going out 1-2 times a month since purchase for Vinyl and Serato DVS gigs. in that time its been fairly reliable. only really issues I’ve had with it have been with the channel gain curve and I’ve had the audio cut out to static 4 times. I’ve had to unplug the mixer each time to reset it. that has sucked as the audience get jolted by the loud static and it brings the floor to a stopping halt. embarrassing to say the least.

if the port is dead, then I have to make a choice of whether to replace it with the X1850 or go with a more reliable brand. I’m really on the fence here. in the 2 years I had my DDJ-1000 with RB on the same laptop, I had 0 issues. every time I use my Denon gear it seems like such a roll of the dice. its disappointing because the platform finally seems to be maturing software and feature wise.

any feedback or input would be highly appreciate it. I have 2 more livestreams coming up this month so I need to make a decision soon. I have a small controller as backup but would rather play on my full rig.

thank you,