X1800 Soundcard x 2 quality?

Is the X1800 Phono built in Souncards x 2 High end as advertised ? Just bought the Denon Prime VL12 turntable and the pair would make an attractive look! Main use of X1800 will be for music production and vinyl playback for sampling into Akai Force Thanks in advance David

I have tested it against the follow: DJM800 DJM900NXS Mixars Duo MK2 Xone DB2 Xone 92

The phono pre-amps offer more clarity and range than the DUO and 800.

They are about the same as the 900nxs and xone db2.

They are missinga tad bit of high end width compared to the xone 92.

You will be fine with the X1800.